What is a psychologist

A psychologist is a well-trained professional who specialises in the mind, in the brain, and human behaviour and assessing the connection between the two.

Psychologists can assist individuals with a scope of conditions including depression, anxiety, dietary issues, addictions, personality disorder, and psychotic disorders. Some of the time, these disorders can influence the individual so severely that they struggle to adapt to everyday life. seeking help from professionals, non-bias, and a non-judgemental individual can help with easing the symptom of these disorders and give new perspectives and strategies on the best way to more effectively manage life issues as they arise.

Psychologists work closely with clients, their families and carers to give a comprehensive assessment of their psychological condition requirements and recognize the course of action.

What we offer (including our registered NDIS categories

Registration Group Name Support Category No. Support Category Name Support Item No. Support Item Description
Therapeutic Supports 15 Improved daily living skills 15_054_0128_1_3 Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy And/Or Training (Incl. AT) – Psychology

We comprehend that individual clients’ psychology needs can be immensely different. We carefully assess your requirements and liaise with you to suggest the best treatment option and deliver a strategy to assist you in achieving your goals.

We work together with you and your support team to set up clear objectives inside your NDIS treatment plan. We consistently audit advance and assessment outcomes, setting new targets within the journey, ensuring that you are continually progressing to the next level.

We treat all plan options the same – regardless of whether you are self-managed, plan-managed, or NDIA managed. To offer the best service, we additionally offer adaptable courses of action. We include you and your carers and guidance in the decision making at all times, ensuring you get the full advantage of your NDIS plan.

Reason for psychologist

You will require psychology services as a major aspect of your NDIS plan in the event that you have a diagnosed mental health condition or intellectual disability that is negatively affecting parts of your life or is repressing your ability to function day by day.

Prime examples of psychological disorder

If a family member or yourself has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and needs assistance to reduce distractions and increase attention span to focus
If you or your family member has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and needs help with social skills, emotional regulation and managing mood disorders
If you suffer or are diagnosed generalised anxiety disorder and struggling to function socially and struggle to hold down a job
If you or family member suffer and are diagnosed with neurogenerative disease and struggle to cope with life circumstances and changes post diagnoses.

How do we provide physiotherapy services?

• We can come to your house, community venue or area, alternatively we can provide service digitally
• Charge additional fee up to 30 minutes as per NDIS guide
• If for any circumstance we cannot engage on face to face appointment we can deliver an online video session.


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