Optimal Care Australia offers multiple recreational and leisure activities for people with disabilities that they can part take individually or in group sessions. Fun, Enjoyable, and Beneficial is how we operate, we want our clients and participant to have a memorable time and experience.

Recreational activities should be entertaining, fun, bring lots of smiles, and create memories, and at Optimal Care that is our aim and focus. As we know physical activity and recreation can serve as great health benefits as well as developing social skills. At Optimal Care we want our clients to feel a sense of belonging within their community and to do so we tend to set all our recreational and leisure activities based in your local community.

After a prolonged downfall of the approach, The NDIS commission has been granted a new approach to serve as a sole purpose for individuals under the NDIS, serving as acting purpose to increase equality. With this new approach finally, in place, people with disabilities are given not only equality but also a voice. People within the NDIS have a say over, your support worker, service required, and on what basis it is required. At Optimal Care Australia we work, plan, and practice around this new approach, making you the number one priority and working around you also giving you the option to coordinate YOUR PLAN.


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