Meet Teekay our programs advisor and recreational specialist


Working with individuals and groups with special needs is very rewarding to me and I take pride in it, I began enjoying this line of work during and throughout my university studies where I gained most of my experience and passion. I was able to engage and work with multiple individuals and groups with special needs ranging from complex to minor, planning and delivering weekly lessons were for individuals and groups ranging from age 5 to 40. I began really developing passion working in this line of career, A passion I can thoroughly say till this day is still the same and always exciting.



I am a fitness enthusiast and a program advisor specializing in recreational activities. At Optimal Care, I thrive to deliver the best programs whether social or recreational that are best suitable for our participants. Promoting and delivering these activities is special and rewarding to me, the ability to influence, impact and improve one’s life is always my end goal and I continue to strive to achieve this goal.


As a program advisor I inspire to influence, motivate and engage all participants, Health is a very important aspect of life, and we are all encouraged to keep active and exercises whether engaging in a sports environment or by ourselves. With plenty of positive factors, Optimal health is crucial to a prolonged life. My aim is to have all participants engaging and participating in a range of sporting activities.


Aside from having a positive impact on your health, Recreational activities also have the impact of improving social skills and lifestyle, we tend to interact and relate to certain sports, goals, passion, influencers, and other factors.


My primary objective as mentioned is to always impact, influence, and improve one’s life socially and recreationally, to achieve this I am engaging in social activities and providing recreational activities for participants.



I am always looking to meet new participants and begin working together to develop a plan that benefits, improve and satisfy their lifestyle whilst also encouraging all participant to try new things and go new places.


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