Feedback & Complaints

We welcome all types of feedback from our customers, their families and staff about their experiences with Optimal Care Australia.

Feedback may include:

  • Compliments: These are things that you think we’re doing well or may be recognition of a person who has helped you. By telling us what you like, we can aim to continue to do these things and provide feedback to staff.
  • Suggestions: Your ideas on how we can improve things or do things better can help us to improve our services and ensure they meet your needs and wants.
  • Complaints: We want to know when you’re not happy about an experience you’ve had with Optimal Care Australia. A complaint can be about a person, a service or something you have experienced. We will respond to any complaints received within three working days.

Reportable Incident - NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission

1. Provider Details:
2. Primary Contact Person
Who is the provider’s primary contact for this incident or allegation?
3. Incident Category:
The categories of incidents are defined in 73Z of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (Cth) and section 16 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Incident Management and Reportable Incidents) Rules 2018. You may wish to include a secondary category if the incident/allegation falls into multiple categories.
4. Incident Details:
If you have completed an internal incident report please provide it to the NDIS Commission with this report.
5. Impacted Person:
6. Subject(s) of Allegation:
A subject of allegation is a person who has been accused of a reportable incident. A subject of allegation may be a worker within your organisation or another person, for example a resident living in the same house. There may be more than one subject of allegation. If there is not space on this form, please include additional information in an attachment.
6.1 Subject of allegation - worker:
Only complete this section if there is a worker who is a subject of allegation.
6.2 Subject of allegation - person with disability:
6.1 Subject of allegation - other:
7. Immediate Action Taken:
7.1 Impacted Person:
If the incident category is death of a person with disability, this section does not need to be completed.
7.3 Subject of allegation - person with disability:
This only needs to be completed if there is a person with disability who is a subject of allegation.
8. Risk Assessment:
If you have completed a risk assessment please provide it to the NDIS Commission with this report.
9. Attachments:
Please upload all supporting documents you need to submit to the NDIS Commission here.
10. Declaration:


Thanks for submitting form. We have received it.