How it can help you

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides people with disability with support they need to live a full and independent life.

The NDIS is rolling out throughout Victoria in stages. We provide support and services for people funded by the NDIS.

Find out more by checking out our FAQ or by visiting the NDIS website. Or call us to discuss your needs.

For You

Optimal Care Australia Is NDIS approved and ready for you

With You

Optimal Care understands and acknowledges as equal human beings every individual has different needs and requirements, we are dedicated and driven to work with the new system which provides a specialised and individualised approach best to suit the support and service required


Should you be eligible for this support, you will have planner contact you to further discuss the support required, area required in, days required, goals and aspirations. You will be provided with or given the opportunity to select an agency that best suits you and your support. Optimal Care can provide exceptional range of services, If selected by the NDIS participant, we will initiate a service agreement and help you up with all your questionnaires and support.


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