Physio Therapist


Are you suffering from pain and looking for treatment and relief, are you looking to improve your mobility and function?

Optimal Care Australia is here to help you with our three method back to recovery.

Comprehensive assessment

Where our physios will work to determine the biomechanical & muscular causes of your pain

Hands on treatment

To get to the base of your issues and make you feel better from your first session if required

Self-manageable plan

Guidance, steps, and activities to get you pain-free and keep you that way forever

What is a physiotherapist?

A physiotherapist is a trained and qualified health professional that specializes in the structure of the human body and its development. Physiotherapists can assist with the treatment of a broad range of health issues and conditions, including sports injuries, joint torment, joint pain, neurological conditions, post-medical surgery rehabilitation and developmental delay in children. Physiotherapy can help individuals to reduce pain, restore function, and minimise potential injuries. Treatment procedures utilised incorporate exercise programs, joint mobilisation, stretching, muscle re-instruction, breathing exercises, massages, needle therapy, hydrotherapy and prescribing mobility. Physiotherapists collaborates closely with clients, their families and carers to give a comprehensive evaluation of their physical requirements and identify the best time of intervention.

Registration Group Name Support Category No. Support Category Name Support Item No. Support Item Description
Therapeutic Supports 15 Improved daily living skills 15_055_0128_1_3 Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy And/Or Training (Incl. AT) – Physiotherapy

We know and understand that individual participants’ physiotherapy needs can vary. We cautiously assess your necessities and liaise with you to suggest the best treatment plan and deliver a strategy to assist you with accomplishing your goals.

Reason for physiotherapy service

 You will require physiotherapy service as a component of your NDIS plan in the event that you have a diagnosed physical condition that affects your mobility and motor skills, or causes pain.

How do we provide physiotherapy services?

  • We can come to your house, community venue or area, alternatively we can provide service digitally.
  • Charge additional fee up to 30 minutes as per NDIS guide.
  • If for any circumstance we cannot engage on face to face appointment we can deliver an online video session.


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